CBR650F collision with Kangaroo.

On the weekend I hit a Kangaroo whilst out riding my bike; a Honda CBR650F. I was travelling south towards Tharwa on the Tidbinbilla road perhaps 200m or so North of the Corin road turnoff. Luckily I did not fall of the bike and was able to keep riding it but it was pretty badly damaged as can be seen in the photos that are linked below. The incident is a bit of a blur, all I remember is seeing the Kangaroo at the side of the road and watching it jump and then I have a vague memory of hitting it. Then it was gone and I was still riding, shocked I guess because I kept on going for a bit before stopping by the side of the road. Some people, two cars, stopped in front of me and came to ask me if I was ok. One of them gave me a bottle of water. I think they must have seen the whole incident. They told me I was lucky. I think I was amazingly luck, almost unbelievably so. Why didn’t I crash? I think possibly because I had no time to swerve and somehow caught the Kangaroo just under the headlight so the energy was transmitted straight down the bike and not under the wheel or sideways. The mirrors were moved forward and I must have been shifted forward, violently but I can’t remember that happening. Currently the bike is being assessed for Insurance purposes. If the frame is bent it will be written of, I couldn’t tell if any major damage to the frame or forks had occurred; while riding the bike after the incident I could not feel anything different, perhaps only a little more noise probably due to the missing fairing. Perhaps Honda might be interested in seeing how much damage can occur to one of their products whilst leaving the machine still functional; I think I will send a link to this post to them.

These are a group of images of my bike after the crash.
Images of the crash