Bootstrapping access to space – from the White House

I just saw the post about bootstrapping our access to space via Slashdot and after a long upsetting day at work seeing this and thinking about what it means puts my day (and week) into perspective and makes me feel a little better.  It’s likely that none of these ideas are original and are obvious but I wanted to take the time to send an email even if all it is is just a vote in support of the goal.

The first thing is I believe that it might be the case that a lot of people would work on projects relating to space in return for food and board,  particularly if there is the promise of getting into space at some point in their career.  This isn’t a suggestion to use people as cheap labour but to think about the possibilities of creating extraordinary work environments for these kinds of projects.  Perhaps in a similar model to the idea of the Peace-corps
I also think that getting on board with Lockheed Martin’s recently announced project for a small fusion reactor should be made a priority relating to this project.  If this project pans out as is suggested, particularly given the small size targeted for the reactors there could be a natural match to space technology.
My final point is that it might be worth looking at the individuals who are signing up for a one way ticket to Mars.  That’s the level people will go to to work in space. So I think not everything should be about robotics.