Creating a new audio amplifier part 7.

After a long delay I have some more progress photos to show. The power supply is finished and the amp and pre-amp boards are complete. I have briefly powered up the amp board and no issues were found (power rails drop to about 32v from 33v and zero volts on the output.  I could have worked longer tonight but the likelihood is that I might blow something up.  Already getting paranoid about having made some error.  For instance at one point I had turned on the power to check the main supply rails one more time and after I turned the power back I attempted to plug in the power to the amp board, I got a few sparks as the local caps charged up (at least I hope that was what happened)…   As you can see I haven’t tried to make a work of art here. I am more interested in making everything plug-able and hopefully work well and reliably.  There’s a fair bit of work remaining, I have to make up a number of cables for connecting pre-amp power and input / output and controls and switches.  Then I have to figure out how to finish of the case and mount the controls and input / ouput stuff.  I haven’t given much thought to the computer side at all except that this can fit into a gap in the front panel metal work and there is a 10v output in the power supply.  I did get information from the blog about RFI and at the time I had completely forgottten about the computer. (Since my heatsinks are not insulated from the amplifier chips there was concern they would pick up the noise).  We’ll see. Anyway there might be even more delay before the next installment since we are moving house over the next few months.


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