Moved house

We have moved to a house in the southern end of Canberra. I am in a bit of a slowdown mode now I think in a reaction to the amount of effort it took to do the move after 3 years in place we thought was going to be ours for as long as we wanted.  We weren’t really thinking seriously of moving.  I am also off work on long service leave, mainly entertaining my youngest son.  The house is almost finished with unpacking but my workshop is not yet setup properly in the garage, I have the old workbench up on trestles  as I needed to work on building my youngest a new computer for his birthday. I hope to be able to build a proper new bench this weekend, with proper shelves behind instead of the the old bookcase version (the shelves on the bookcase are too narrow).   I can’t really use the old setup as I want to have all the gym equipment setup in the 2 car garage space with enough room to make the space usable.  In the old workshop things were a bit cramped.

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