Trac and Subversion on webfaction

Tonight I am trying to setup up both trac (an issue tracking system) and subversion (source code control) on my website which is hosted by webfaction. This is so that a site where I have installed a zentyal server can raise bugs in an orderly fashion. Trac may be overkill and too complex, we will see how it works in practice.

I think my installation is working i.e. I can login to trac and get the raise ticket dialog. Subversion is also working and I can access this from tortoise running locally on my desktop. The strange thing I am seeing is that the documentation of subversion talks about it being easy to create a repository – so I did using the svnadmin command. But this new repository is inaccessible through tortoise. So googling around I discover this (apparently written by webfaction support): “Your svn website would not serve a repo that you created manually in ~/repo. Our control panel can only set up Subversion sites to serve Subversion apps created via the control panel, eg ~/webapps/svn. ”  So I already have the repository that was created by the control panel and don’t need to create one, I can’t do that manually in any case (well in a way that allows me access).  I think I get it now.  On looking again at the webfaction documentation for subversion (not the linked to documents) I don’t see any information about need to manually create the repository.   So I think I have succeded. ?Just need to make some configuration changes to trac to make it look good and show the users how to use it.


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