The Cold and Writing

I’m rugged up in the office sitting in front of the computer writing. I have a blanket over my legs and I’m wearing a jacket. I refuse to waste money by using the heater.  Tonight the temperature is supposed to be dropping to -6c.  We’ve had three nights now with temperatures this low.  On the first morning after the first night I found the handbrake on my Astra had frozen so I couldn’t release it.  Now I have to park the car without the handbrake stopping the car against the rock edging of the garden. The only use these horrible rocks ever had.  The ice on the windscreen in the morning seems to be about a millimeter thick and this is the moment the heater fan has chosen to completely fail, I still poke a piece of wood up behind the glove box in a vain attempt to get the thing to go.

I have music on, Awake by Tycho. Sometimes this helps but I have to be careful not to trance out and forget to write.  I think it’s happening at the moment.

I am up to 74,145 words in my book. I want to get somewhere around 90,000 prior to starting the editing.  I have a feeling based upon some editing that I have already done that the size might stay fairly constant even with cutting because fixing things has seemed to need larger replacement chunks.

I read somewhere that its important to make it a regular practice of sitting down to write even if you’re not sure what you’re going to say. And the reason was that if you do have an idea and you aren’t there sitting in front of the computer then you might loose the idea.  And I’ve found this to be true. Sometimes just the act of pushing my fingers down on the keys of the keyboard seems to coerce my brain into action.  So I force myself to sit here even when I feel sick or tired or uncomfortable. Waiting for the ideas to arrive.  And anyway, I miss the characters when I’m away from them too long. I miss her.

Of course its possible everything that I’ve written is worthless but even if that’s true at least I will have done it.  I can almost say that anyway. I’ve written the whole book already, all the way to the end. There are just some gaps I have to fill. Now I better stop, I need to get in at least 500 words before I sleep.




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