Clothes dryer project part 3

I work on the dryer every now and then, and at present I am working on the chimney and the ‘chimney pot’ which is design to extract air passively by the Bernoulli effect. I have also removed the light and will add a secondary fan instead. This fan will move air around inside the cabinet. I am also going to add a power switch and a dry switch (to initiate a drying ‘cycle’). This second fan will push air down from just under the roof and I hope this will mean the humid air distribution will mean that the sensors will see a humidity rise and then the computer can be programmed to handle this humidity and turn of when it drops, which hopefully means the clothes are dry. A secondary benefit of the internal fan is to stop the bad smell which gets into the clothes because of the lack of air movement. It turns out I think that just sucking out the humid air up the chimney does not work to dry clothes, air must be required to flow past the clothing.

Chimney version 4.

Chimney version 3

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