Oculus Rift and the Hobbit

We finished watching The Hobbit this evening. I liked it although some of the silliness made me cringe. There was enough obscure stuff from the book in the movie to keep me watching (it is a long time since I read the book). I felt as if Mr Jackson had at least tried to honour the older fans. Afterwards we were discussing things and I wondered aloud about the probably future scenario where a movie could be enjoyed with 3D goggles (such as the Oculus Rift) such that the viewer could be at any chosen viewpoint particularly if everything was generated.  I guess this is the way games are going particularly the type where you are free to explore a large world uninvolved in gameplay. Still for a movie i.e. without interaction I think that being able to flit between the viewpoints of various characters as they move along or view a battle from different view points, or fly through landscapes as the movie unfolds. Imagine sitting next to one of the Trolls as they argue.

I think that for movies filmed in 3D that it should be possible to use software to calculate scenes from multiple viewpoints, lighting might be more difficult particularly for movies that are shot outside (or any scene not generated I imagine).

Still I think this could be coming (and probably this has been thought of before).