Nature and complexity.

I was on my way home after going for a walk on the hill behind my house when I was suddenly struck by the complexity that was embodied in the birds singing and flying and the fine structure of the trees through which the birds flew. The activity struck me first as an unnecessary thing, why did the birds sing so sweetly, why was the filigree of leaves so beautiful against the sky? Then a thought struck me about what I think was really going on.
I tried afterwards to put this into words, I’m not sure I succeeded but here goes:

Nature is an interconnected, parallel mechanism with extreme complexity. The behaviors of a multiplicity of organisms fill biological niches in symbiotic ways to balance the supply and demand of need. Order and beauty are emergent properties of this.

Humans seem to act outside of nature, we aren’t naturally limited, our balances are artificial and want’s drive us. We strive for imbalance and value things which aren’t needs at all.  Sometimes the things we strive for are beautiful and have values that are intellectual or spiritual beyond anything else that exists in nature, but these cases seem to be the exception.  Sometimes it seems that most of what humans do and want and have is all worthless and worse, destructive.