Finally I have a hosted web site.

After many years of thinking about it I have finally got a hosted web site. The service I am using is called Webfaction. The Webfaction hosting service includes the ability to add a wordpress blog, (along with a multitude of other apps).

I am having some problems thinking of things to write about,  partly because writing in a blog feels a lot more formal than posting on Twitter, Facebook or even Google+.  I’ve read in other blogs that it’s important to properly research before posting and spend a lot of time working on what you want to write. So I’ve started to feel a little intimidated.  I do want to make sure that my presence on the web is as professional as I can make it so I will have have to make sure I put the effort in.  That’s what I’m doing now – rewriting this old blog post to hopefully make it better.

I am a fan of the WordPress software. I understand that it has been around a while and is sometimes thought of as a bit old fashioned but I am finding it pleasant to use so far. I just used the photo gallery component to add a picture of Southern Cross Station (formerly Spencer Street station) in Victoria, Australia. Not that difficult.

There might be some posts about trains.  Here is another picture I quite like of the same subject.

I think this blog will probably be about the following:  sustainable building (of dwellings) see for example Google + Future City community, photography, electronics, woodwork, books, movies, design, software.  Looking at this list I am reminded of a recommendation that a blog be about one thing.  i don’t think I could write a blog like that, I’m interested in lots of things and I would like to write about all of them.  Happily if belatedly I have found that WordPress has some features which allowed me to categorize the blog into headings in such a way that if I properly add categories to my posts then the posts will show up automatically under their correct headings.